Allstar Black Predator epee guard



There is a wide range of blades, grips, guards and points available to equip the allstar epees. They are manually as- sembled by our experienced staff members with the greatest care. All models are now also available with the new ‚Ultra’ points (without screws).

Predator – created for fighters

The exclusive black epee guard is an absolute must-have for the ambitious fencer. The Predator guard is based on our Alu-Special foil guard and therefore lighter in weight than the standard guards. However, the chemical procedure, which gives the guard its unique black colour, hardens the material and makes it stronger (10-15%). Moreover the unique matt black finish is truly eye-catching. The black guard looks particularly awesome

Reference number: DGL-P
Colour: Black
Weapon: Epee
Category: Weapons, Electric, Guards, Epee

Additional information

Weight 110 g