Epee Blade BF White FIE Maraging


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Please note: We do not supply the soft grade of BF blade. If you select soft we will send you a blade at the soft end of the medium grade.


There is a wide range of blades, grips, guards and points available to equip the allstar epees. They are manually as- sembled by our experienced staff members with the greatest care. All models are now also available with the new ‚Ultra’ points (without screws).

A white electric BF maraging FIE epee blade, complete with point.
Available for pistol or french grips.

BF supply blades in three categories: soft, medium and stiff. We do not offer the soft category. If you order a soft BF blade we will supply a blade from the flexible end of the medium category.

Reference number: ED27
Colour: White
Weapon: Epee
Category: Weapons, Electric, Blades, Epee

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Weight 1100 g


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