Uhlmann FIE pro touch box


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The 131232 is a fully FIE approved signalling unit for all 3 weapons incorporating all the latest FIE requirements. It is equipped with an integrated embedded industry PC and an easy to operate touch screen. The advanced design ensures a clear easy to read display of all relevant information. The unit also incorporates connections to peripheral units such as displays, result management, video refereeing system etc. The 131232 is operated by touch screen or remote control. The new RC system has much better range than previous models. Software updates for required FIE rule changes or the addition of new functions etc., are all done via the integrated USB-interface eliminating the need for chip changes.

Brand: Uhlmann
Reference number: 131232
Colour: Black
Weapon: Foil, Epee, Sabre
Category: Scoring equipment, Boxes

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Weight 10100 g