TBOX One – Universal Test Box



TBOX One is a precision test box for all weapons, cables and conductive fabrics (lamé, conductive mask bib). Currently there are six test modes available: three for weapons, two for cables and one for conductive fabrics.The handy test box is powered by a 9V battery and is operated by one single button.  Alternatively the device can be powered via the integrated Micro USB port and can later be operated remotely with an app. Due to the visualisation of the results in an application and the standardised measuring routines our TBOX One can be used for FIE conform material controls, whose requirements are outperformed. Six bright RGB LEDs are used to show the test mode and the results. In addition, for selected test results an acoustic signalling is implemented. The TBOX One is equipped with a Kensington lock to protect it from being stolen. Software updates and upgrades can easily be implemented using the micro USB connector to connect it to a laptop or PC.

Brand: Allstar
Reference number: TZ 82
Weapon: Foil, Epee, Sabre
Category: Scoring equipment, Boxes

Additional information

Weight 200 g