Ecostar Jacket Mens FIE 800N



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Garment care and washing instructions.

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All Allstar protective clothing and masks are CE certified in accordance with the strict requirements of the European Norm EN 13567 regulations. Every item of clothing including masks show the CE mark on their Iabels which guarantees they comply with the regulations. The European Norm regulations demand higher standards of safety, ergonomics and product labelling than the FIE regulations. When you purchase allstar equipment you are guaranteed that it meets the highest international safety standards at CE Level 2. Even though our products have been tested and approved as meeting these standards we ensure that strict quality control checks are continuously applied. For example; every new batch of material is tested for compliance to Level 1 and Level 2 by either of the two accredited Institutes allowed to test fencing equipment ie; ITV Denkendorf or IFTH Lyon. A serial number on your allstar clothing enables us to trace the raw material and its test certificate to a single bale of cloth.

The Ecostar range is a single layer of stretch fabric for great comfort that is fantastic value for money and can be used for all weapons.

Brand: Allstar
Gender: Mens
Safety level: 800 N
Reference number: 4500H
Colour: White
Weapon: Foil, Epee, Sabre
Category: Clothing, Jackets

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Weight 1800 g