Uhlmann compact box


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The FMA 03 is a FIE approved three-weapon signalling unit that combines all necessary functions for fencing in one single compact device:
Universal signalling unit for , epee and sabre (FIE approved)
LED based lamps for showing hits (red, green and white)
Chronometer and score indication for up to 45 hits
Indication of the match number, red and yellow cards
Infrared remote control
Software updates via USB
Connectors for repetition lamps
Several series interfaces (RS232, RS422, RS485 and USB)
Timer setting to the second including re-setting of the last standing
Various serial protocols (Swiss timing, Kabcom, Allstar)
Can be used as an (inverted) slave unit together with master
FMA 03, „Cape Town“ or FMA 21 unit
– ready for wireless fencing (StM system)
– prepared for NFC remote control
programmable (duration of optical and acoustical signals, brightness of display, protocols etc.
The FMA 03 can either be used together with the spectator lights and stands of the „Cape Town“ or the FMA 21

Brand: Uhlmann
Reference number: 131003
Colour: Black
Weapon: Foil, Epee, Sabre
Category: Scoring equipment, Boxes

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Weight 10100 g